Physician Code of Conduct


The Friday Plans mission is to help every man with erectile dysfunction get access to safe, affordable treatment. This document serves as the universal code of conduct for physician use of the Friday Plans platform. Our goal is to align the values and philosophies of Friday Plans and the physicians who practice on the Friday Plans Platform. This Code of Conduct will continue to be updated based on feedback from affiliated physicians in order to ensure patients are always receiving the highest quality of care.


Be Patient:

  • Telemedicine is a new experience for many patients. They may ask questions that seem obvious (e.g., “How does telemedicine work?”). Please be sensitive to their concerns and work with them to determine the best course of treatment.

Always Explain:

  • Always provide a detailed explanation to a patient whether you find it appropriate to write a prescription or not. Patients are coming to the Friday Plans Platform because they are in need of your guidance and care.

Follow Up:

  • The Friday Plans Platform will automatically follow up with patients who receive treatment plans after 2 weeks, 1 month, and every 3 months thereafter. If you think that a patient needs additional follow ups, you can automate follow ups in the messaging system or contact the Friday Plans Medical Ops Team.


  • Always thoroughly document your decisions. For example, if you approve a patient for treatment, and the Friday Plans system flagged one or several of their responses as a potential contraindication or risk, please make sure to document your rationale (e.g., you spoke to them via phone, video, or message and received additional clarifying information).


  • The physicians with the highest rate of patient satisfaction check their messages at least once per day. If you will be unavailable for more than 48 hours, please give the Friday Plans Medical Ops Team one week notice so that we can ensure your patient’s receive timely responses to any question. In case of an emergency, please try to notify us as soon as possible.


Verify Identity:

  • ID & Photo Match: The first step by any physician is to confirm the identity of the patient and ensure that the image uploaded matches the patient's unexpired government ID. This is also double-checked by automated software.
  • Personal Information: After you’ve confirmed the ID matches the Face Photo, confirm that the basic information entered during the online visit (i.e., first name, last name, DOB) matches the information on the government ID.

Follow State Protocols:

  • The Friday Plans Platform will always require you to confirm that you established a patient-physician relationship according to the state-specific requirement. Never provide any medical advice or treatment other than to direct the patient to emergency care until you have adequately established a patient-physician relationship. When in doubt, please contact the Friday Plans Medical Ops Team or Friday Plans’s General Counsel.

Treat “Oldest” First:

  • Please always treat patients who entered the Friday Plans Platform first. We pride ourselves on providing timely service to our patients. This can only be done if those who have been waiting longer are served first.

One at a time:

  • If another physician has started to treat a patient, do not attempt to provide additional treatment unless specifically asked for a second opinion.
  • In addition, physicians should complete only one consult at a time before moving on to the next patient. Each consultation requires your undivided attention.


Drug Interactions:

  • Always pay attention to reported medications and be alert to drug interactions. Please make sure to always check a patient’s previous plans on the Friday Plans Platform before making a treatment decision.

When There’s Doubt, There is No Doubt:

  • When in doubt about a specific drug interaction, please contact the Friday Plans Medical Ops Team.
  • If anything is unclear from the visit, please follow up with the patient. It is always better to be 100% certain that you have all the necessary information.
  • Never create a prescription for a patient if you are unsure if it’s safe. It is always better to get a second opinion or refer the patient to his/her in-person primary care provider when in doubt.

Pay Attention to Underlying Causes:

  • Our patients’ mental health is as important to us as their physical health. Always follow up with patients who provide answers concerning their mental health. Please refer to the Emergency Plan located in the Friday Plans Manuals and Protocols folder for guidance on how to respond if a patient is experiencing a medical emergency.

Consistently Review Protocols:

  • Please reference the condition-specific Physician Protocols regularly. They contain the most important points on safe practices on the Friday Plans Platform and should serve as a continuous reference for physicians. Most importantly, all medical decisions should be made solely at your discretion according to the standard of care.

Never Share:

  • Never share your Provider Portal password with anyone.
  • Never share any patient information with anyone outside of Friday Plans except as needed for appropriate emergency care and only share information when it is appropriate to do so and necessary to provide safe and effective care for your patient.

Secure Protected Health Information:

  • Never share PHI using any software tool that is not HIPAA compliant. 
  • Never work on the platform in open areas where an unauthorized individual may be able to see or otherwise access PHI.


  • Friday Plans-affiliated physicians are expected to uphold the highest ethical standards called upon by the medical profession.

Do No Harm:

  • First, do no harm. The practice of medicine is a calling. Always put your patients’ safety first. Patient safety is the first and primary priority. You will always be compensated the exact same, regardless of whether a prescription is written.

No Self-Referral:

  • Patients that come through the Friday Plans Platform should never be self referred to your own practice or business or to the practice or business of your family member. If a referral is needed, please refer them to their primary healthcare provider or other outside physician. For a patient without a primary care provider but in need of routine care, the patient’s insurance company’s list of in-network providers may serve as a good source for patients to find appropriate, local, and affordable care.

Sound Body & Sound Mind:

  • Never engage in the practice of medicine on our platform while under the influence of alcohol or other mind-altering substances.

Keep Friday Plans Informed:

  • In case of a board complaint, hospital or other group administrative action, malpractice suit or judgement, or any other administrative or disciplinary action against you (including a criminal charge or conviction related or unrelated to the practice of medicine), please promptly notify the Friday Plans Medical Ops Team. 


Thank you.


Dr. Laura Purdy

Owner, Cupid Health P.C.